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During the late 1990’s “internet boom”, following the passage of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, it seemed that nothing could stand in the way of rapid development of a radically new telecommunications infrastructure.The demand for next generation networks (NGN) for communications has mostly focused on the trend in technology and the efficiencies of moving to networks driven by IP protocols.

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Who we are

RTel Global is a licensed telecommunications operator in Turkey, specialised in tailor-made corporate voice traffic and international carrier-voice traffic of TIER-1 operators. Currently holds the following licenses:

  • - Fixed Line Telephony Services
  • - ISP-Internet Service Provider
  • - Infrastructure Services
  • - MVNO – Mobile Virtual Network Operator
  • RTel Global has direct interconnects with GSM operators within Turkey for both domestic and international traffic. Through it’s high caliber and direct interconnected network topology, value added services such as SMS is also provided to customers.

    RTel Global is the preferred carrier services provider mainly in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia destinations through direct interconnects, providing extremely competitive routing plans, strategic carrier partners and control over major international destinations.

    RTel Global is committed to provide tailor made business cases to Telecom Operators’ international (mainly TIER-1) traffic and assure high quality with direct customer specific monitoring.

    Through RTel Global’s existing customer and provider base, new connections and infrastructure investment are being done on Mobile Payment, Electronic Wallet and Money Remittance.

Our team

Our competitive advantage is the experience and expertise of our people. Our global team averages many years of industry experience, and our professionals each have extensive real-world and operational knowledge. They share their thinking, expertise and solutions to develop fresh perspectives and deliver practical advice.

a few statistics about RTel


We are making more than 5 million minutes daily.


We are connected with more than 80 carriers worldwide.


We are connected with more than 10 tier-1 operators worldwide.


Your success is our success

Voice Termination Services

As a carrier of international voice termination, we offer reliable and high quality termination for wholesale and retail traffic through our VoIP and TDM networks.We are connecting additional networks and voice carriers in order to meet the demand of our partners. RTel Global is constantly working to achieve the quality benchmarks for each product and for each destination. This is made possible by our experienced crew , through affiliate networks and business partners and advanced tools which are monitoring tra­ffic in real-time. Route performance is tested in order to constantly improve quality statistics. In order to serve our clients best, we have a network operations team available 24/7 to ensure that they enjoy a great voice experience.

SMS Termination Services

RTel has direct SMS termination interconnection with all GSM operators in Turkey and many international SMS service providers worldwide.We are able to provide reliability and throughput combined with a full feature set, as well as offering BULK SMS message termination fees at highly competitive wholesale market rates.
Key Features:

  • - SMS API – supports HTTP, SMPP and as well as SS7
  • - Full feature support
  • - High volume throughput
  • - 24/7 monitoring
  • - Advanced Online Reporting
  • - Technical Support for easy integration
  • - Redundant platform

DID Numbers Coverage

RTel provides Direct Inward Dialing (DID) access numbers and associated services to their customers in Turkey. A local DID can be forwarded by our infrastructure to telephone numbers , VoIP using SIP, H.323, IAX or Google Talk anywhere in the world. The call forwarding destination is selected by the customer on a per-DID basis.

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Who We Work With

RTel is connected with more than 80 carriers worldwide. Here are some of our valuable partners.



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